Susan Wyche, PhD

Recent Publications

Wyche, S.P., Lampe, C., Rangaswamy, N., Peters, A., Monroy-Hernandez, A. and Antin, J. (2014). "Facebook in the Developing World: The Myths and Realities Underlying a Socially Networked World,"Panel at ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW'14).[PDF].

Wyche, S.P., Forte, A. and Schoenebeck, S.Y., (2013). "Hustling Online: Understanding Consolidated Facebook Use in an Informal Settlement in Nairobi," Proc. of ACM SIGCHI Conf. on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'13), Paris, France. [PDF]. (Best Paper Honorable Mention Award).

Wyche, S.P. and Murphy, L.L., (2013). "Powering the Cellphone Revolution: Findings from Mobile Phone Charging Trials in Off-Grid Kenya," Proc. of ACM SIGCHI Conf. on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'13), Paris, France. [PDF].

Current Research

Social Media Use in Rural and Urban Kenya

Facebook is a global phenomenon, yet little is known about use of the site in urban parts of the developing world where the social network's users are increasingly located.

July 2013: Research mentioned in MIT Tech Review article about Facebook in the developing world. [LINK]

Barriers to Mobile Phone Use in Rural Kenya

Mobile phone users in rural parts of the developing world, especially Africa, adapt to lack of electricity, poverty,remote locations, unpredictable services, and second-hand technology. Meanwhile, the technology developers are forging ahead, designing for smartphones, high-speed data packets, and Internet access, not the dumb phones and parsimonious voice calls of the rural householder.

Selected Prior Research Projects and Publications

Sun Dial: Exploring Techno-Spiritual Design Through a Mobile Islamic Call to Prayer Application

Sun Dial is  a mobile phone application that supports Muslims’ prayer practice.

Wyche, S.P., Caine, K.E., Davison, B.K., Patel, S.N., Arteaga, M., and Grinter, R.E. (2009). "Sacred Imagery in Techno-Spiritual Design." (CHI '09).


Design-Oriented Fieldwork Exploring Charismatic Pentecostals and Technology use in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wyche, S.P., Magnus. C.M., and Grinter, R.E. (2009). "Broadening UbiComp's Vision: An Exploratory Study of Charismatic Pentecostals and Technology Use in Brazil." (UbiComp '09).


Design-Oriented Fieldwork Exploring Technology use in Nairobi, Kenya

Wyche, S.P., Aoki, P.M., and Grinter, R.E. (2008). "Re-Placing Faith: Reconsidering the Secular-Religious Use Divide in the United States and Kenya." (CHI '08).


Designing Speculative Cleaning Products for Older Adults (M.S. Work at Cornell University)

Developed a collection of "speculative design" products for older adults.

Wyche, S. (2005). "Designing Speculative Cleaning Products for Older Adults." Poster, ACM Conference on Designing for User eXperience (DUX '05).